Monday, January 26


When we say December, it’s always accompanied with Christmas, thanksgiving, sharing and gift-giving. Last year of December made a remarkable moment of my life that changed my perception of it. I’ve experienced difficulties and several trials financially to the point that I have nothing at all. I am financially unstable and no longer care about the season. I rejected Christmas party invitations and exchange gifts.  Why?  Because I do not have any monetary blessings to share to others, my goal was just to live by for the whole month of December.

These tough moments made me pity for myself. I have almost lost my faith in God, was hopeless and no longer focus in life.

But in one of those difficult days, I woke up and felt God touched my heart and gave me a wonderful lesson. Through my trials and hopelessness, I’ve seen the support of the people around me and felt the love and care of my family even though I was away from home at Christmas. I’ve witnessed the miracles of God and His unfathomable ways in order for me to survive in this foreign land. God has His own ways and He had planned all these according to His will.

I was again reminded that before something happens, God already knew what will happen, and what’s next in store for me. He knows all our deficiencies and incapability. As they always say, we just have to entrust everything to God especially difficult times and very low moments where we feel not having anything at all. Keeping in mind that we don’t own anything here on Earth; everything we have is only borrowed.

In the lowest moment of our lives, we are tested. God always provide. Being deficient, incapable or having nothing at all doesn’t signify that we don’t have the capacity to share - we are always filled with God’s overflowing love and blessings. And through these, we will always have the ability to share not by worldly means but by the goodness of our heart and never forgetting that we are always blessed in so many ways. To God be the Glory!

By Sis Nikki Joy A. Ines

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