Tuesday, May 27


“God has a plan.”   I have heard this many times and most probably you did too.

I heard this again when we went to Salalah, Oman for the Mission Exchange but this time it was different. I didn’t just hear it from just anybody. I heard it from a person who testified that God has a plan. His name is Bro. Ping Long.  He told his story about how and why he is in Salalah.

Bro. Ping Long was born in Malaysia but grew up in UK and was part of the British Air Force. One day, he went to a job fair exclusively open for Air Force personnel.  And there, someone approached him and offered him a job in Salalah, a place he didn’t know anything about.  He accepted the job offer.  Little did he know, that this place, would be significant for him.

For years, Bro. Ping Long worked and joined gatherings of different religions and sects looking for something in his life.  And then, he finally met the community and the current parish priest of Salalah, Fr. Ashok.  He said that after attending a lot of different gatherings, the only place that he was truly happy was with the community and the Catholic Church. He was so happy that he decided to be baptized as a Catholic. The baptism was done by Fr. Ashok, whom he considers a friend.  Later on, he got married in Salalah and is still actively serving the community now.

Realizing Bro. Ping’s story, I really experienced and witnessed that God truly has a plan for my life.

I never planned going on a mission this year because I needed to save up for my wedding next year. However, I got a message from a sister who already went on missions through the Mission Exchange Program in the past years, and has been constantly promoting it to everybody to go on one. She said that she knows I’m saving up for my wedding, but I should consider going since it’s just nearby and will not cost much, we can even ride the bus which is cheaper.  And that struck me, but the problem now is that, I just filed and got the approval for my annual leave recently so I’m not sure if my boss will still approve another one for this.  Anyway, I still tried and was approved.

Being in Salalah and going on a mission made me realize a lot of things, one of it is that no matter how much we plan for our lives, the Lord has His own plans for us, and it is only up to us whether we want to accept His plans or not.  As for me, I’m thankful that I decided to follow His plan and be forever at peace knowing that He is my life planner. If I didn’t obey His plans, I wouldn’t be able to experience and witness His greatness in Salalah.

I’m looking forward to what else the Lord is in store for me and I hope you are too!

By Bro Earl Balolong

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