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Thursday, October 10

Strong and Faithful

I woke up this morning having a last song syndrome (LSS) with “Strong and Faithful”, guess I was singing in my dream (strange, isn't it?). Then I composed myself and prayed. Here is my short reflection:

It’s been some time since we experienced God’s glory by offering ourselves to work for Him, but still there are times when we overlooked His greatness in our lives. But our God never fails in His strong love and faithfulness to us. Then, I was reminded of this year’s Middle East Conference theme, as if God is telling me, “it is I who loved you first”. The reason we are still holding on to His love, for He never fails to reveal His first love for us. The same reason why we are here, giving our best effort to make all His works a success in the entire Middle East region. Strong and faithful is our God, because He first loved us. It would be my worship song soon… It has been quite a while since I prayed in tears and I thank the Lord for and with a joyful heart! Praise God!

By Bro. Coi Ariel
SFC Middle East Mission Volunteer

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