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Tuesday, September 17

My Missionary Journey

Few days had passed after returning from Seychelles Mission Exchange 2013 (Aug 23-Sept 2), I could not help myself but to feel lonely, and my tears are my witness after looking at Emman's Crucifix token for me.

When I accepted the call to do the mission, I had ready myself not to be emotional for it will make me unfocused to the things that I need to do. I detached to my personal reasoning and feelings. I emptied myself, and let God fill me with His beautiful surprise that is waiting in Seychelles.

As our journey continues...  

We were welcomed by wonderful people with warmest and superb greetings. The place really reminded me of home.

Being technically prepared and looking after the things that MUST be done didn't really work as planned all the time. It wasn't all smiles always. We had some hard decision-making to do. One of it is to share our own life experiences even if we wanted to just leave those behind the past because of the pain it caused us. 

Who really wants to share our pains? Our shames? Our mistakes? No one, not I, but it takes a lot of courage, a humble heart, and a total surrender to the Lord to do it.  Unready as we were, we conquered it all for the service of the Lord. Truly, the beauty of sharing our life experiences is an embrace to the reality of life.

We all went back from the mission with a hand full of God's manifestation of His goodness, powerful love, and amazing grace.

So many things to tell, I am so thankful to the Lord for allowing me to experience it.

This is just the start of my “Missionary Journey” and I look forward with excitement to another opportunity that God will call me again to serve Him in a different place.

To all who have and had been part of this journey, my prayers and love are with you. 

God bless us all. May God be praised!

By Sis Genlyn Jaculba

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