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Tuesday, September 3

Hallmark of Christianity

In one homily during the Global Leaders Empower Convention in Manila last June 2013, the celebrant commented on our theme “Obey and Witness,” that witnessing is not possible without obedience.  This is clearly demonstrated in the lives of the Israelites and among the disciples of Jesus in His time.  God showed great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, but behold, obedience is better than sacrifice.

(1 Samuel 15:22).  Jesus, who was obedient to His Father even unto death, repeatedly exhorts us that those who obey the words of the One who sent Him shall gain eternal life.

Obedience to God should be a loving response to God’s love.  The person who loves is happy to serve, eager to obey the needs and desires of the beloved. Obedience allows a person to transcend the narrow confines of self-centeredness and respond to the good of those he loves with swiftness, enthusiasm, and cheerfulness.

Obedience to God should not be equated with the obedience of a servant, but should rather be a total expression of freedom.  The Lord’s Prayer conveys such freedom, “your will be done.”   This prayer is not based on a master-slave nor dominance-submission relationship, but presupposes and anticipates freedom thereby establishing and perfecting a relationship of love.  Thus, the hallmark of all the followers of Christ is obedience as it bears fruits in the form of unity, solidarity, brotherhood and joyful harmony in community.

In the community of Couples for Christ, we deal with multiple levels of leadership from Household head to Unit, Chapter, Cluster, Sector, Area heads and more.  It entails a high degree of obedience at all levels so that the evangelization and mission program and activities be conducted and implemented.  The lack of obedience would compromise the life and mission of the ministry.

Whenever a CFC leader or a member carries out a task in obedience, it can be driven by all sorts of motives.  One may be encouraged to follow a required activity as a way of obtaining recognition, prestige, honour and many other personal/hidden agenda that seek self-gratification.

Such motives will not lead to maturity and holiness.  On the contrary, it will lead to dissatisfaction, discouragement, spiritual dryness and even more conflicts in the community.  Performing a job in the ministry on these motives is far from obedience.  Obedience is true and virtuous only if it is performed out of love for God.  Obedience is a personal response to God’s call to do His will.

Brothers and sisters, let us continuously pray that God will purify our motives in serving Him, so that everything we do will be good, pleasing and acceptable before His holy sight, giving Him praise and honour and glory as He truly deserves.

Our obedience in the ministry is our expression of love to God.  It is not measured by the numbers of CLPs, MERs, COs, and trainings/ conferences conducted.  Our obedience is seen in the quiet surrendering of the matters of the heart to love, adore and serve God.  

If obedience conveys our personal intimacy with the Lord and cultivates a heart of generosity and hospitality, then it is a powerful testimony and proclamation of Christ. Obedience as a response to God’s love is one powerful witnessing.

Let us therefore Obey and Witness to God’s glory and goodness!

By Bro Bads and Sis Agnes Ellica
CFC Middle East Full Time Worker

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